A Day in a Life at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Wall on Vanderbilt and Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, NY

A Day In A Life At The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Commissioned by the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, the project follows a selection of 10 people that work in the Brooklyn navy yard. Using their smartphones, participants were encouraged to track a typical day commuting into and around the navy yard using a free downloadable GPS tracking app.

The result is a collection of abstract and colorful lines that represent the vibrant and collective energy of life in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Experience "A Day In The Life At The Brooklyn Navy Yard" through the interactive information page designed by graphic artist Fatima Tariq-Towe.


The project was executed by a team from Paul Campbell Studio:

Paul Campbell - A visual artist that has exhibited art works extensively in the US and abroad including several community based art projects.
Fatima Tariq-Towe - A Brooklyn Tech Triangle Intern currently interning at Paul Campbell Studio and majoring in Communication Design at New York City College of Technology.
Zac Campbell - An urban planner that has a master’s degree in urban planning from Hunter College is currently the Assistant Director of Government and Community Affairs for NYC Transit.
Sam Campbell - A camera operator that received a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and has documented several other art projects.  


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